Amazon Original SUNNY starring Jayasurya to screen at international film festivals


Amazon Original Movie Sunny has been praised by viewers and critics since its release on Amazon Prime Video. With his captivating narrative, fluid directing and groundbreaking performance by Jayasurya, this Ranjith Sankar director continues to make waves. Building on its success, the film was selected in two prestigious international film festivals: Calella Film Festival 2021 (October 1-October 9, 2021), Spain and Dhaka International Film Festival 2022 (January 15-January 23, 2022). There is more! As well as being the only Indian film to screen at the Calella Film Festival, the film was also selected in competition at both festivals.

Sharing his enthusiasm for the selection of the film, screenwriter and director Ranjith Sankar adds: “It is very exciting that our film is shown at film festivals, especially at a European festival like Calella. When we made Sunny we showed it to a few people on the festival circuit in India and they felt the film had universal appeal and suggested we try it. This is how we applied to Calella. Sunny is selected in competition and is currently the only Indian film at the Calella Film Festival. The festival has screened some really good films over the last five or six years and it’s a very proud moment for Team Sunny that we have the opportunity to present it to an international audience. Sunny will also be screened at the Dhaka International Film Festival. It was selected to be screened in the Asian Competition section. We are very happy and look forward to the experiences.

Amazon Original Movie Sunny tells the story of a single character named Sunny, who lost everything he won in his life – love, money, and even his best friend. Broken and desperate, he smuggled back from Dubai to Kerala in the midst of a global pandemic and cut himself off from society. Deeply stuck in an emotional turmoil that begins to affect his sanity, slowly killing himself, Sunny befriends a few curious strangers over a seven-day period that changes his perspective.

Written and directed by Ranjith Sankar, Sunny stars Jayasurya, the veteran Malayalam star. The successful thriller drama marks a milestone for Jayasurya as it is his 100th film as an actor.

Sunny now streams to India and 240 countries and territories on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t miss this slice of life story!

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