Austin arguably hosts the best music festivals in the country (AKA These)


Austin’s best music festivals have years of spectators to back them up, and if you’re in the area, these shouldn’t be missed.

From what the locals say, all is bigger in Texas, and it’s not limited to Tomahawk BBQ steak chops. Austin and the surrounding area’s music festivals are some of the best in the country, and many have long been waiting for their return after a year and a half.

Much of Austin’s culture is music, and the festivals created from it are magical. The great outdoors has never sounded so good, and bonding Austin locals and beloved bands is certainly an experience every newcomer should be part of. If nothing else, it’s worth exploring the city’s local food scene and listening to some of the best. notch tunes … But for those who need more proof, these Austin music festivals are.

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Austin City Limits Music Festival

There is nothing exceptional about the Austin City Limits festival, as it has become one of the most well-known in the whole country. While Lollapalooza and the Governor’s Island Music Festival have captured the hearts of many, there is just something about Austin City Limits that sets it apart. The festival first hit the stage in 2002 and has only grown since then, spanning four weekend days just to accommodate each performance. Artists come from all over the world just to be a part of the festival’s lineup and, of course, guests can expect the best of Austin’s food scene as well as art shows from local artists.

  • Details: Two weekends, over 130 groups, eight stages
  • Date for 2021: October 1-3 & October 8-10
  • Tickets: ranging from $ 250 for a day to $ 2,350 for hotel packages

South by southwest

When it comes to music festivals and their size, South by Southwest is arguably the biggest in Austin. This festival is one with the city of Austin for nine days and does not only offer music. In addition to amazing groups, guests can also expect to see comedy shows, film screenings, exhibits, and artwork. The event is so massive that networking is encouraged, and many people end up leaving the festival having learned more about a specific creative field than when they originally bought tickets. It is the largest and most diverse festival to come to the Austin area.

  • Details: Nine days
  • Date for 2021: March 11 – 20, 2022
  • Tickets: Registration opens at the end of summer 2021

Chariot festival

If the Austin area could win an award for having some of the most unique festivals, then the Float Fest would likely win it for them. Not only is it a music festival, but it’s also a floating weekend … literally. While the festival doesn’t actually take place in Austin, it does take place in San Marcos, just an hour and twenty minutes south of the city. The reason Austin residents would be interested in making the trip is that only the hottest artists in rap, EDM, and rock are present and present as performers, but they will also be coming down the river. San Marcos listening to them all. It takes place every year on a weekend during the hot Texas summer, and it’s worth dressing up (i.e. a swimsuit).

  • Details: Two weekend days
  • Date for 2021: New dates for 2022 to be determined
  • Tickets: To be determined

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Honorable mentions

Utopia festival

Just an hour northwest of Austin is the small town of Burnet, but this town is home to a fairly large festival. Utopia takes place every year in the fall and it’s the perfect music festival for everyone – families included. It’s BYOB, family friendly, open for camping, and also offers fun pastimes like disc golf, yoga, and mountain biking.

  • Details: Two weekend days with a pre-festival evening on Thursday
  • Date for 2021: October 15 – 16
  • Tickets: Ranging from $ 30 for a day pass to $ 179 for a weekend pass

LEVITATION Music Festival

Another fall favorite is the LEVITATION Music Festival which takes place annually in Austin. The goal of the festival, according to its website, is “to create a walkable, intimate, community-driven event that features the city’s world-class concert halls.” With a wide range of artists and events, the festival returns this year in October. Across Austin, diverse artists perform in the city’s best venues, creating an interactive experience that brings music to every corner of its artistic district.

  • Details: Four days
  • Date for 2021: October 28 – 31
  • Tickets: Ranging from $ 20 for individual performances to $ 365 for weekend passes (currently sold out)

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