Cultural Festivals, Metro, Bus Entertainment, Sports Facilities, Retail Stores Overnight in DDA Nightlife Circuit Map for Delhi


Delhi’s draft master plan for 2041 aims to improve Delhi’s nightlife and make it safer through special nightlife tours that will include entertainment, sports facilities, retail shops as well as cultural festivals, themed night walks, special metro lines and bus routes.

“Nighttime savings (NTE) and an active nightlife are important for improving safety, reducing congestion by staggering activities, making optimal use of spaces for different activities and improving the productivity of formal and informal economic activities,” reads. one in the draft master plan.

Streets or areas such as cultural districts, areas of concentration of heritage assets, areas of the central business district are among those that can be designated as these circuits.

“Local bodies, the tourism department and other relevant agencies must identify these circuits and allow an extended time frame for hotels, restaurants, socio-cultural activities, entertainment, sports facilities, retail stores to operate at night,” it reads. the master plan document.

The agencies will work together to identify these routes to facilitate adequate lighting, safety and easy access by public transport.

Special metro lines and bus lines will be allowed to operate at low frequency during the night. “All new construction and redevelopment along the identified circuits will be encouraged to create active facades,” said a senior DDA official.

Active facades are described as storefronts / stores and arcades where there is an active visual engagement between those on the street and those on the ground floors of buildings. All over the world, it is considered an element of security where “eyes in the street” as well as lighting become tools to make a city and its streets safer.

Depending on the plan, relevant agencies can work with artist collectives, cultural groups, resident groups, youth groups, market and vendor associations, and weekly markets to organize seasonal or cultural festivals and events. themed night walks, ”an official said.

The draft master plan also emphasizes the creation of cultural hotspots as areas of interaction with the public. Areas identified to create better integration with public activity are hot spots such as Shahjahanabad, Central Vista Lawns and India Gate, Connaught Place, Hauz Khas, Mehrauli. Other specific poles with a concentration of socio-cultural activities will be identified (eg Mandi House, Lodhi Institutional Area and Art Precinct, Dilli Haat, Dastakaar Haats, etc.).

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