Everything you need to know about the EVERYSEEKER Festival 2022 | Cultural festivals | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jhe artsy and extravagant (yet accessible) EVERYSEEKER Festival is the type of event that challenges and nurtures you, bringing together some of the most innovative artists in Halifax and around the world to help unleash your inner weirdness and make you feel something .

What is the official name?


What is his name too?
Some people still call it OBEY Convention, the name the event used until American streetwear brand OBEY has filed a cease and desist request against the Halifax Music and Arts Festival.

When is it?
June 9-12, 2022.

What is that?
An arts and music festival that brings together local and visiting creators, pushing the boundaries along the way.

Where is it held?
EVERYSEEKER is running a hybrid online/offline event, meaning you can attend shows in person, which are held primarily at the Khyber Center For The Arts (1880 Hollis Street) – with the exception of one show held at All Nations Christian Reformed Church (2535 Robie Street). There will also be a series of online workshops via zoom and Youtube video releases.

How long has it been going on?

EVERYSEEKER has been melting minds and making music since 2007.

Where can I get tickets?
Almost everything at the festival is free except for the highlight event each day, which is $20 at the door (or pay what you can).

Are there festival passes?

What is the must-see show?

A triple bill of Gold/Sun with Evelyn C. White & The New Horizons Baptist Church Choir and Kama La Mackerel, held at All Nations Christian Reformed Church (2535 Robie Street) on June 9 at 7:30 p.m.

One of the country’s most exciting and innovative musicians, Nick Dourado has made music with artists like

Polaris Lido Pimienta Prize winner and cult legend Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Here, Dourado performs as Gold/Sun, headlining the opening night of EVERYSEEKER with, as the festival puts it, “a sonic exposition of resonance and elastic potential in space using acoustic instruments, in response to the banality of manipulation and simulation.”
Before that, however, famed Halifax journalist Evelyn C. White pays tribute to Whitney Houston alongside the Choir of the New Horizons Baptist Church, while Kama La Mackerel opens the show with a performance based on their award-winning poetry.

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