Everything you need to know about the StArt Festival | Cultural festivals | Halifax, Nova Scotia

A A mix of visual art, music, fashion, dance and more, the StArt Festival is a two-day blitz of creativity, held at the Bus Stop Theatre. Aimed at uplifting and amplifying emerging and marginalized artists, the event is always a treasure trove of greatness to come mixed with names you’ve been wanting to check out.

What is the official name?
The StArt Festival.

What is his name too?
This one has no nicknames.

When is it?
June 11-12.

What is that?

A multidisciplinary celebration of creativity, the StArt Festival favors diverse and emerging voices. The mentorship and collaboration between the names on the festival poster results in a live showcase that distinguishes between a number and an act of community.

Where is it held?

The Bus Stop Theater (2203 Gottingen Street).

Where can I get tickets?
StArt Festival events are free, but you can reserve your place via a Google form issued by the organization.

Are there festival passes?


What is the must-see show?

The highlight of the StArt Festival is an open styles dance showcase and battle, which will be held on June 11 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. It sees hip hop heavyweights Kxng Wooz, Shay Pitts and MAJE alongside R&B artist Jody Upshaw (whose song “Striaght Shooter” was on the season premiere of Euphoria last season) and the mix of genres Yohvn Blvck create a festival lineup that is essentially a who’s who of the scene.

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