First Korean-Croatian film selected for two film festivals

Seck Zeen Hong as Ji-Hu, in the first Korean-Croatian film ”Crisis”

December 1, 2021 – Starring Seck Zeen Hong in the lead role, ‘Crisis’ is the first Korean-Croatian film and the first Croatian film to feature an Asian actor in the lead role. Filmed in Zagreb during the pandemic, the coming-of-age drama about a young Korean trying to adapt to a new society has already been selected at two film festivals.

In a year when Croatian cinema has not gone unnoticed at international festivals, a short fiction film arrives to join the celebrations and mark some historical milestones along the way. Crisis (kriza in Croatian, 위기 in Korean), was created and produced by Benjamin Noah Maričak, directed by Boris Vuković and written by Karla Leko; as part of their graduate studies at the University of Zagreb – Academy of Dramatic Art, and it is the first Croatian-Korean film and the first Croatian film featuring an Asian actor in the lead role. The film was shot in the city of Zagreb during the current pandemic, and it wrapped on June 23 this year.


Official English poster for Crisis

With a duration of 14 minutes and 58 seconds, and offering Croatian and Korean languages, Crisis follows the day in the life of 20-year-old Ji-Hu (Zeen Hong), who works for his father’s Korean restaurant in the heart of Zagreb, as a delivery boy, at the start of the global lockdown caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. 19. Throughout his deliveries through Zagreb, he will not only have to deal with constant pressure from his father and a strange variety of customers, but also try to adapt in a world where he has still not yet found its place.


Seck Zeen Hong stars as Ji-Hu, a young Korean in his twenties, trying to adapt in the Croatian capital of Zagreb and facing pressure from his father, played by You Kwang Kim. Seck Zeen Hong becomes the first Asian actor to play a leading role in a Croatian film.

Everything seems to indicate that the coming-of-age family drama shot in the Croatian capital has been well received, since so far the short film has been selected in the official program of two film festivals, confirms the producer and creator of Crisis, Benjamin Noah Maricak. The Asian premiere of the first Korean-Croatian film will take place at the Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF), the largest film festival in Bangladesh. The short film, which features photographs by Marko Milohnić and editing by Marta Bregeš, will be part of the official festival program in the short films and independent films section. The DIFF will be held from January 15 to 22, 2022.

Additionally, for local audiences, Crisis was also accepted into the official program of the CIiklop Film Festival, which will take place in Benkovac, near the city of Zadar. The dates of the Ciklop Film Festival will be from December 18 to 22 this year. The official program with the complete list of selected films will be published very soon.


Crisis is the first Korean-Croatian film, and it was shot entirely in Zagreb. In this still from the film, you can see the famous brutalist apartment buildings known as Rakete, built in 1968.

Here are the names of the cast and crew behind the making of the first Korean-Croatian film, Crisis:

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  • Ji-Hu: Seck Zeen Hong (홍석진)
  • Father: You Kwang Kim (김 유광)
  • Party Girl: Lara Nekic
  • Slaven: Igor Jurinic
  • Party girls: Lucia Luque Akrap, Laura Anić-Kaliger, Laura Bošnjak and Dora Dimić Rakar
  • Man in tracksuit: Fabijan Pavao Medvešek
  • Woman in apartment: Alemka Sappe
  • Teenager 1: Tara Dorotic
  • Teenager 2: Klara Fiolic
  • Man on the tram: Željimir Sappe
  • Postman: Anđelko Katanec
  • Bike thief: Noa Nikolic


  • Director: Boris Vukovic
  • Screenwriter: Karla Leko
  • Producer and creator: Benjamin Noah Maričak
  • Director of photography: Marko Milohnic
  • Publisher: Marta Breges
  • Production designer: Cinita Macuka
  • Costume designers: Jana Friščić and Ela Leko
  • 1st AR: Filip Dizdar
  • Hair and makeup: Tea Pavec and Mia Popovska
  • 1st CA: Urh Pirc
  • 2nd CA / Best boy: Tin Ostrošić and Rene Recek
  • Conductor: Domen Martinčič
  • Sound engineer: Jan Kapetanović
  • Pole vaulters: Juraj Franolić and Stjepan Hren
  • Script supervisors: Rudolf Ravbar and Noa Nikolić
  • Sound mixing: Marko Klajic
  • Color grading: Marko Milohnić
  • VFX: Marino Vuletic
  • Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Stjepan Hren
  • Title designer: Tamara Milošević
  • Production assistants: Noa Nikolić and Vedran Bošnjak

Thus begins the festival circuit for a project led by young filmmakers and artists, which explores existentialist and very human themes in a very complicated period of our history. We wish them the best and much success!

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