Gaurav H Singh’s ‘H2O’ to hit film festivals ahead of OTT


Gaurav H Singh, the composer of many Bollywood and independent songs, recently became a producer with his first short film “H2O The Life”. Speaking about the project, Gaurav H Singh said, “We have finished shooting the film and post-production is underway. The film is about water and the importance of water in everyone’s life. After ironing out all the details of the struggle that people are witnessing in several areas over lack of water, we at ‘For your Entertainment’ decided to launch our first project based on this topic.

Gaurav further said, “We put all of our hearts and souls into adding to this elbow grease in order to get the message out that we wanted.”

Speaking further about H2O Gaurav, he said: “The film also contains a song called ‘Paani’ which expresses humanity’s feeling towards water and discloses that once we reach a point of no return, we will regret it. The relationship between water and man is also a kind of love story and that’s what the song says. It’s a melodious track and I hope people like it, said Gaurav H Singh.

The film is produced by For Your Entertainment and co-produced by Kavish Records. Being on set as a producer is a whole different feeling for me because you have to deal with a lot of things at once, said the (newly) songwriter-turned-producer.

Speaking further on the release of the film H2O the life, Gaurav said: “We plan to send the film to festivals before the film is released, as we will have a decent idea of ​​how the film performs among audiences. . “

The film will finally be released on an OTT platform after touring film festivals. For your Entertainment will begin filming on their next project, which is a web series, in January 2022. “This project production journey with music takes a lot of my time,” Gaurav said.

Gaurav H Singh has 3 films lined up to trot out as a music composer.

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