Here are the best small music festivals in Hungary

Hungary isn’t just Sziget, VOLT or Balaton Sound when it comes to summer music festivals. Several other large, but certainly smaller, multi-day events will be held across the country over the summer. No mainstream music, just good vibes, people and a sense of community. Let’s see a quick roundup of the best ones.

DAAD Gathering (June 16-19)

It’s getting big, and just did it at the list because it is only taking place for the second time. Some of the best artists in underground electronic music, from tribal house to tough techno tunes from around the world, are set to perform at the iconic OZORA festival site.

Waldorfeszt (June 23-26)

True to its name, the organizers draw on the world of Waldorf education when developing the program. However, that sets no limits for big night parties, all taking place just outside Zebegény in the beautiful Danube bend.

Fishing on Orfű (June 29 – July 2)

The four-day music festival focuses on alternative rock but showcases several other genres at pretty Lake Orfű, near Pécs. Check tickets right away, as it often sells out at this time.

Kolorádó (June 29 – July 2)

The best underground clubs in downtown Budapest occupy a scout park just outside Budapest. Expect hippies and folk dancers, shoe-loving guitar bands and the best techno parties in town, this time in the woods with no reception.

Alkotótábor (6-10, July)

Only two stages but with the best underground electronic music with less known but definitely excellent Hungarians djs, completed by leading international artists, such as Pablo Bolivar or Polar Inertia. All located in the Cserhát mountain, far from everything.

Bankito (July 13-16)

Bánkito puts a big accent on social and political issues (the organizers are the left-wing Jewish association Marom) and discussions often inviting active politicians from all sides. Apart from that, a delicately selected musical menu (from solo guitar acts to non-stop rave) awaits you. party goers in and around the pretty lake in the village of Bánk, surrounded by the rolling hills of Nógrád County.

Reflektor Festival (July 14-17)

It’s a brand new, Nevertheless the performers and venue look promising, as the festival is taking place in one of the industrial wastelands of Kőbánya (Budapest’s 10th district) near Örs Vezér Square, so you would not having to travel a long time for the experience.

SUN (July 18-24)

Besides OZORA, another well-known Hungarian psychedelic festival among the hills of Nógrád county.

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Ördögkatlan (2-6, August)

„Literature, theatre, dance, music and Baranya [county]is how the little brother of the Vallée des Arts describes himself. Ördögkatlan (devil’s punch bowl), located in several villages of the famous Hungarian wine region of Villány, is held from August 2 to 6.

OZORA (1-7, August)

OZORA is definitely a bigger one, only put on the list because it is unfairly understated and often mentioned in the wrong context. In fact, this Hungarian festival, held in Dádpuszta in Fejér county, is one of the most well-known psy festivals in the world, usually attracting several thousand fans of psychedelic subculture around the world.

Fekete Zaj (August 17-20)

“Chill electronica walks hand-in-hand with sharp metal riffs, fresh, indie sounds with nostalgic anthems” at the “annual bash of dark music and subcultures in the shadow of the highest peak of Hungary”. Fekete Zaj (Black Noise) is praised by everyone who has ever been there.

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