Hidden gems to visit in 2022

April 9, 2022 – As summer approaches, we can already hear different genres of music playing on the sunny beaches of Croatia, so it’s the perfect time to check out some of the lesser-known Croatian music festivals that are scattered all over the country.

Croatian music festivals have been piling up over the last decade and it is definitely a sign that Croatians love music and are very passionate about it. The last two years have been a headache for the events industry and I hope we will not return to it. There are many music festivals in Croatia, and the well-known ones are quite easy to discover. In this article, I’m going to focus on those niche or boutique festivals that are hidden below the surface.

Disko Goulash Festival

Source: Facebook/Goulasch Disko

Goulash Disko is a global underground music festival taking place in the town of Komiža on the island of Vis, one of the sunniest places in Europe. The festival started in 2013, and as they point out on their crowdfunding website, it is the very first crowdfunded festival in the world. From 14and at 18and From September 2022, Komiža will be the center of world-infused and electric music styles such as tropical grooves, oriental house and Gypsydelic among many others. The festival is super small and limited to just 1000 visitors, so there’s no time to hesitate if you want to become a Goulashian.

moon dance festival


Source: Facebook/Moon Dance Festival

The Moondance festival was created in 2013 by one of the pioneers of the Croatian electronic music scene Pero Fullhouse alias Skeptik. The festival is located in the medieval fortress Kamerlengo in the town of Trogir. This year, they are preparing their 9and edition which takes place from 29and at 31st July and will include 2 festival nights, 2 boat parties, an after party and workshops. Moondance is characterized by underground techno with international and regional artists. This year’s lineup is yet to be released, but some well-known artists who have performed on Moondance before include Jeff Mills, Kink, Mr. C, Octave One, Silicon Soul, Rødhåd and Dj Jock, Petar Dundov among many. others.

Velvet Festival


Source: Facebook/Velvet Festival

Velvet is an alternative music festival located on the beautiful island of Krk in the town of Punat. This year it will hold its 6and edition of 30and June to July 2n/a. This festival combines concerts, parties, nautical festivals, design, architecture and the Mediterranean spirit. This is a small festival, organized by a group of free-spirited artists from the island of Krk and the region. With 32 upcoming artists announced for this year, it’s definitely a place to visit.

Festival Memento Démento



Memento Demento or for short MoDem is a festival that combines music, arts, architecture and stunning visuals. It is located in Donje Primišlje between Slunj and Ogulin. The mood of the festival is set by the untouched forest and the Mrežnica River. There are three main stages called Hive, Swamp and Seed, each with their unique artistic sculptures, 3D video mapping and scenographies. If you like psychedelic trance, this is your place to visit.

Vojarna Project


Source: https://projectvojarna.com/photo/

Project Vojarna is a project organized by Šibenik’s music organization ECHO and Decoded Records which started in 2016 with their debut as part of the aforementioned Moondance festival. From there they moved to their current home in a former military barracks (vojarna is the Croatian word for military barracks) in Šibenik. There is still no official announcement of this year’s events, but as they managed to hold events in 2020 and 2021 when the circumstances were quite difficult, there is no reason to doubt that this year will be different. Some amazing artists from techno and house genre who have visited Vojarna are Fat Boy Slim, Boris Brejcha and Monika Kruse among others. If you want to experience the old-school warehouse party vibe, be sure to keep an eye on their website for future updates.

There are plenty of other smaller, niche festivals out there and most of them haven’t made any announcements for the next music festival season yet, which is understandable given everything that’s happened over the of the past two years. Nevertheless, I will enclose some of them with embedded links and locations so you can check them out.

Ferragosto Jam – Orahovačko jezero (Lake Orahovica)

festival without ego – Split

Super Uho Festival – Primosten

Fiber Festival – Split

Gljevstock – Gljev near Sinj

Thrilling Blues Festival – Trilj (July 1-3)

Split Blues Festival – Split

Korkyra Barouqe Festival – Korcula

Špancirfest – Varazdin (August 19-28)

Noise Test Festival – Ciovo (August 11-24)

Martinska Šibenik is a summer festival season that takes place in Martinska Bay near Šibenik and combines 6 different festivals: splash festival (July 14-17), Slurp! Festival, Festival Regius, Kanal Festival, Membrane Festival (August 4-7), and Explosion Party.


In this section I will take a moment to pay tribute to three important festivals Xstatic, Graffiti na gradele and Panonian Challenge.

Panonian Challenge

Panonian Challenge is the biggest extreme sports and urban culture festival in South East Europe. It is one of the most important events in Osijek with 20 years of tradition. It combines extreme sports competitions including scooter, BMX, skateboarding and roller skating disciplines with breakdance, graffiti and music concerts. This year it takes place from 15and at 19and of June.


Xstatic is a Split-based festival that takes place in October. This festival combines street graffiti art music, breakdancing, skateboarding, street basketball and stand-up comedy. It is a perfect place to experience the urban culture of Split.

Grafiti na Gradele (GnG)

GNG is a festival that takes place in Bol on the island of Brač usually in summer. It is an international graffiti art festival that brings together graffiti artists, designers and musicians. For the past two years, the festival has not been able to appear in its full form for obvious reasons. Hopefully this year we’ll see them come back stronger than ever, but as of now, no official statement has been made. They are currently involved in many graffiti art projects in Croatia.

A wide variety of Croatian music festivals that span the country and cover different genres certainly offer something for everyone. This season, we have the opportunity to pay tribute to all the artists, organizers, designers and other actors who make up this industry and therefore help it get back on its feet.

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