III Points hosted returning electronic music festivals to Miami

Miami, Florida is known as one of the dance music capitals of the world. The Ultra Music Festival is one of the best-known electronic music festivals in the world and, along with the Winter Music Conference, has helped make Magic City the venue for EDM. Since the EDM boom, Miami has hosted a plethora of new festivals that cut across all areas of the scene. While Ultra was the first domino to fall during the COVID shutdown, Miami’s own III Points was the first major festival since 2019.

III Points has a very different focus than festivals like Miami, but you have to be very careful to cater to the local Miami scene. It doesn’t aim to be ostentatious, but it does showcase an eclectic range of underground acts in electronic music and other genres. The festival has had its own issues over the years, being forced to postpone to 2018 due to fear of Zika. This time around, the COVID shutdown forced III Points to reprogram three times before finally finding its focus at the end of October 2021.


Since the last time III Points took place, he has gained a new Major Benefactor in the form of Insomniac. Insomniac now owns most of the Link Miami Rebels, the group that bets on III Points. Insomniac took advantage of the COVID period to develop its underground music brand with festivals like Secret Project, so III Points fits this new image perfectly. The support of Insomniac (and therefore Live Nation) meant that III Points took it to another level in 2021. It came with a solid lineup with names like Eric Prydz, ZHU, RUFUS DU SOL, Maceo Plex, Patrick Topping, and Michel Bibi, but it has also stepped up production in several ways.


There were some initial hiccups on the first night because a sea of ​​people came in at the same time causing some chaos at the entry line. Then there was a torrential downpour for about an hour on Friday which certainly thinned the crowds a bit. There was also a little audio issue with Michael Bibi on Saturday night, but overall it was a great event. The festival was packed with people and stages. There was something like 7 stages scattered around different areas of Mana and RC Cola Plant in Wynwood. The festival really took a look at the local industrial Wynwood flavor of the event.


Best of all, the festival was rounded out with the other well-known property of Link Miami Rebels, Club area. There were afterparties from Thursday to Sunday evening with Eric Prydz, Cristoph, Maceo Plex, Michael Bibi and Rufus Du Sol (DJ Set). This is what corporate giants like Live Nation are calling synergy, but it really works in this case.

Being the first true returning electronic music festival meant everyone in Miami stepped out of the woods to attend. You can see how III Points is really developing in Miami. It shows he has stamina and has found a nice niche in the scene. While Rolling Loud was technically the first music festival to return to Miami since COVID, III Points gave Miami the right reintroduction to the electronic music festivals that were so needed.

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