Inventory, some well-designed overseas music festivals in 2021

While the general trend of the new global crown pneumonia epidemic has improved, some foreign countries have gradually eased control and reopened the “new stage” of “unlocking”. Some local governments have started encouraging the holding of large-scale events such as tourism and music festivals. We saw many great music festivals!

However, the epidemic prevention requirements in many places where the music festival is held are very strict. Some music festivals require attendees to be vaccinated before entering the venue.


The Untold Music Festival is the biggest electronic music festival in Romania and is held in Cluj Napoka at the Cluj Arena. It takes place once a year and was named the best large-scale music festival at the European Music Festival Awards 2015.

This fantasy-themed event will bring together fans from over 100 different countries. When large-scale events are particularly rare, it has drawn an astonishing 265,000 fans.

This year Untold has 7 smart stages: Main Stage, Galaxy Stage, Alchemy Stage, Reverie, Time, Fortune, Tram.

The main stage is a fusion of nature and the universe. The broken screen design makes vision the center of gravity. The hollow design makes the lighting look more spatial. The upper circular design is mainly based on the moon.


Electric Love Music Festival is a dance music festival in Princeton, British Columbia. After a two-year hiatus, Electric Love returns in 2021, opening a new chapter

The main stage is similar to a building block design, like an assembled container, with various lights, fireworks, and other stage equipment hidden within the building blocks.

SAGA 2021

SAGA is a new music festival that debuted in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Its appearance opened a new era in Bucharest to create a modern music festival.

The first SAGA is themed “Take Off Edition”, which incorporates Romanian history and culture, creating a vibrant scene for electronic music fans.

The stage is designed by Robin Wolf of ALDA. The whole scene is dominated by polygons. The main elements of the scene are three-dimensional pentagons. The surface is made up of video and light bars, with stylized “rays”… In the audience area.

Qlimax 2021

Qlimax is one of the biggest chamber music festivals in the world and will be held via streaming media this year. The festival has announced to fans that “The Reawakening” will not take place on November 20, 2021 due to the hygiene taken by the Dutch government. However, in order not to disappoint the fans, they offered the online version of Qlimax “Distorted Reality”.

The stage is dominated by large-area projection, the whole space and floor are enveloped by projection, and the design also incorporates some classic Qlimax stage elements.

Reverze 2021

Affected by the epidemic, this year’s Reverze was postponed to September 18 to be held as scheduled, and it became the first large-scale Hard Chamber Music Festival in 2021.

With the theme of “Wake of the Warrior” this year, it attracted more than 20,000 fans to participate and brought them the most impactful visual enjoyment.

The main stage is adorned with a huge wall of LEDs. The visual elements are warriors, angels and other elements. This is closely related to the theme. Reverze has a lot of designs on top of the stage every year, but this year they broke convention and only installed a lifting beam. There are LED, stage lighting and fireworks equipment.


There is no doubt that TRANSMISSION is one of the biggest trance music festivals in Europe. He is well known for his top notch vision, lighting and music.

This year’s TRANSMISSION was held at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, attracting thousands of fans with “Behind the Mask”.

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