Kolkata is gearing up for music festivals this winter


Prognosis Volume I, Children of Rock and Kolkata Metal Festival 2k21 promise to rock the music circuit

From progressive music to metal and punk, indie bands from different genres are guaranteed to cheer up

Winter is fast approaching and Kolkata is ready to jam. Upcoming are a series of music festivals with a lineup made up mostly of independent musicians and bands.

Music lovers can’t wait to find a live concert. Here are some scenic events scheduled for October and November.

Prognosis Volume I
When: October 31, 2021, at 3 p.m.

Or: Mohit Moitra Mancha (near Belgachhia metro station)

What is that: A progressive music concert hosted by Ayushmaan Chatterjee, Saptarshi P. Basu and Sayan Mukherjee. The lineup includes the Kolkata-based bands Universe in a Crayon, Ronin, IN, Trees for Toothpicks and 13th Notion. Darjeeling’s band If Hope Dies promise to spice up the last day of the month.

“You don’t hear about progressive music concerts in Kolkata. Prognosis aims to promote independent progressive musicians and groups. There are a lot of progressive groups in India. They don’t get platforms because it’s not mainstream music. Starting next year, we plan to invite groups from all over the country, ”said Ayushmaan, a third year BBA student at Techno India Salt Lake.

Tickets: Book your tickets online at skillboxes.com. Offline tickets are available at Vibrations (32, rue Mirza Ghalib) and on site.

Children of rock

When: November 13, 2021, at noon

Or: Mohit Moitra Mancha (near Belgachhia metro station)

What is that: The concert organized by the Independent Artists Association, an organization whose main objective is the growth and development of underground artists, plans to bring together independent punk, rock and heavy metal bands under one roof. Kolkata-based bands Abhishek Dasgupta Project (ADG), The Unofficial Utopia, VelvetMeetsATimeTraveller, Moving in Circlez, Distorted Chromosome, The Overtime Project, Blakhole will take the stage.

“We try to encourage young independent groups and give them the audience they deserve. We want to improve the music scene in Kolkata. It helps artists to grow and generate regular income, ”said Bishal Kumar Thakur, Managing Director of the Independent Artist Association.
Click on: https://facebook.com/events/s/children-of-rock/560518361854512/

Calcutta Metal Festival 2k21

When: November 27, 2021, at 2 p.m.

Or: TopCat CCU, Topsia

What is that: A metal concert with the promise of a “high voltage massacre to break your neck”. Kolkata-based bands Atmahatya, Facebroke, Milgram Experiment, Broken Barons, Deathlore, and Radionuclides will perform.

“The exploitation of groups must be stopped and they must be given the respect they deserve. This festival is a musical revolution for us. We aim to be change and the only way to achieve it is when we are together. I hope to bring back all music lovers, ”said Mamik Banerjee, one of the brains behind this event.

Tickets: Book your tickets online at initiate.in for Rs299

Last updated on October 30, 2021

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