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(MCS) – Mount Carmel School has learned that its latest entry in the ‘We Drank Our Tears’ series, the stories of Visitacion Camacho, Henry Indalecio and David ‘Uncle Dave’ Sablan, have been accepted into two other film festivals. The films will be screened at the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2022 and as part of the 2nd Masima Pacific Islands Film Tour.

The Lift-Off Global Network is an organization encompassing worldwide live screening events, distribution initiatives, a seasonal awards show and an ever-growing and active network of independent film creators. The Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival is one of the most successful of the season, with back-to-back sales and huge interest from the general public and local press based in Japan. The Annual Masima Film Tour is the premier film festival created by Pacific Islanders for Pacific Islanders in the United States. The tour is a collaboration between the Utah Pacific Island Film Series and the Salt Lake Film Society to bring Pacific stories to a wider audience.

The writer and producer of the film series and president of Northern Marianas College, Galvin Deleon Guerrero, EdD, was very happy to learn about the screenings. He said: “These films have empowered a whole new generation of storytellers to learn more about their history and to tell these important stories of resilience and hope.” All of the films in the series were made primarily with students from the school as cast and crew members. As Deleon Guerrero noted, “Just as the original book was the work of young students telling the stories of their elders in print form, these films are the work of young students telling the stories of our islands in film form. .”

All films in the series are adapted from “We Drank Our Tears”, a 2004 oral history of the civilian experience of World War II battles in Saipan and Tinian, published by the Pacific STAR Young Writers Foundation. In 1944, some of the last battles of World War II took place on the Pacific islands of Saipan and Tinian. 933 indigenous Chamorro and Refaluwasch civilians did not survive the battles. The book and film series tell some of these stories.

The film stars Jessiana Tenorio as Visitacion Camacho, Jayson Tagaubel as Henry Indalecio and Kainoa Tenorio as Dave Sablan. Their stories were led by AlumKnight Mikee Mendoza, current senior Larry Cruz, and the school’s Director of Institutional Development and AlumKnight, Victoria Deleon Guerrero.

The production was made possible by the CNMI CARES Relief Fund for Organizations and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act of 2020.

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