Traditional banking, as we know it, is in danger of extinction. The new path is full of apps, online banking and new technologies every day that make finances easier for the user.

In this context, traditional methods to reach customers are also in decline. Products that were traditionally sold at a bank office are now offered through the internet.

Meet financial comparators


And how do users (read millennials) get to these products? Well, first of all, in the simplest way: searching on Google, at which time they meet financial comparators, bloggers or experts who advise on the best services, leaving aside that sea of ​​monarch results of this bank or that other .

An example of these new prescribers is the ShopUnlimited comparator, which displays information on hundreds of products from different suppliers so that the user chooses the option he prefers. Millennial users do not want to remain in their parents’ bank or commit to the same provider for a long time, so they prefer to go to a site where they can see all the options available in the market.

Delivers financial products


In addition, ShopUnlimited delivers financial products to very specific user groups and dynamically: they focus their marketing on what users need, and not so much in simply displaying products. Are you looking for some credit to buy a sofa, for example? Maybe you shouldn’t just focus on micro loans, but you can also take a look at credit cards.

Bring financial products to the new user


Gone are the millionaire advertising campaigns. Investing directly in prescribers who understand the needs of the new generation of users well is the definitive method to bring financial products to the new user of the 21st century requires transparent and complete information and is not willing to resign to the usual bank only by inheritance.

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