MOVE ME will perform at Full Frame Doc and ReelAbilities Film Festivals

MOVE ME is the feature debut of dancer/choreographer Kelsey Peterson. Co-directed by Daniel Klein, a former NYC/London chef (Bouchon, Craft, The Fat Duck) turned award-winning filmmaker and TV creator who has created over 170 international shorts. He is a founder of the acclaimed online documentary series The Perennial Plate, executive producer of PBS’s Road Food (2022), director of the PBS series WEEKENDS WITH YANKEE (2019 – 2022) and producer of the Emmy-nominated PBS series. Awards The Victory Garden’s Edible Party (2013).

Following its world premiere at the 2022 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, MOVE ME will play at ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York, with more festivals to be announced shortly. MOVE ME will have its first airing in the United States on the weekly PBS/ITVS series INDEPENDENT LENS in the winter of the 2022-2022 season.

Co-director Kelsey Peterson said: “I wanted to tell this story to bring healing, on many levels – to those of us who have lost the things that defined us, to my beloved community of spinal cord injured spine. I think this film works to change a narrow narrative about people with disabilities, and that means a lot to me. If this film – or my experience – can serve as a bridge to connect able-bodied people to the disability experience of a way that holds more empathy and responsibility to make this world more inclusive and accessible, it would be an honor.”

Co-director Daniel Klein said, “I feel like my role as co-director was to help Kelsey tell his story and to help the audience have the same experience as me: to love Kelsey. , see the strength of disability and look into our own lives to accept and fight the challenges we face.”

The synopsis for Move Me is about 27-year-old Kelsey Peterson, who dove into Lake Superior off the shores of Wisconsin and emerged paralyzed. Now the former dancer is struggling to redefine who she is while adjusting to life with a disability. At the intersection of acceptance and hope, Kelsey unexpectedly finds herself faced with an opportunity to dance again, showing her a new path to acceptance, while struggling with the decision to participate in a cutting-edge clinical trial that could bring him so much desire. change – forcing her to assess the possibilities of her recovery, body and mind.

In Move Me, a first-time disabled female director simultaneously takes the reins behind the scenes, while revealing her inner REVOLUTION through raw on-screen storytelling.

Kelsey Peterson, co-director/producer

Kelsey was born in St. Paul, MN and grew up in different parts of the state, both urban and rural. She earned her Bachelor of Dance degree from the University of Montana in 2008, and later her yoga teacher certification from CorePower Yoga. Her previous journey was cut short when she suffered a spinal cord injury in 2012 and became paralyzed from the chest down. But Kelsey continues to dance, now in a wheelchair. She is a dancer, choreographer, writer and filmmaker. She is currently co-director, choreographer and dancer on A Cripple’s Dance, a live music and dance production featuring performers with disabilities. As a first-time director, she finds her choreographic training lends itself to the art of storytelling, which she draws on in her documentary film, Move Me. She enjoys using storytelling as a vehicle for healing and change.

Daniel Klein, co-director/producer

Daniel was born in St. Paul, MN, but grew up outside of London, England. After graduating from NYU, Daniel pursued a career in food and film. Daniel is the director and producer of the online documentary series The Perennial Plate, which won the James Beard Award twice (2013,2014). Daniel, a former chef (Bouchon, Craft, The Fat Duck), has created over 170 short films worldwide (with tens of millions of views and 9 vimeo staff picks) as well as the executive producer of PBS’s Road Food (2022), and director of the PBS series WEEKENDS WITH YANKEE (2019,20,22). He also produced the most recent season (and revival) of the nationally broadcast PBS series, The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast (2013), for which the team was nominated for an Emmy. Perennial Plate’s production arm has worked with clients as diverse as Conde Nast, American Express, Equal Exchange, Whole Foods and Capital One. Daniel has spoken about food and the importance of history at MAD, Harvard and the United Nations.

Co-directors: Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein

Producers: Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein, Madeline Brown

Executive producers: Lois Vossen, Sally Jo Fifer, Joanna Rudnick

Director of photography: Brennan Vance

Editor: Nico Bovat

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