! Murcia Today – Murcia wants to attract off-season tourists with music festivals

Publication date: 01/21/2022

The Region of Murcia promotes its growing music scene and the “festival experience”

The regional president, Fernando López Miras, presented a new brand called ‘Festivals in the Region of Murcia. More music’, a label that brings together the most important musical events in the Region.

With a double objective, this new brand aims to energize the music scene in Murcia while offering another experience to visitors and residents. Festivals and concerts energize the entire economy, including businesses in the accommodation and hospitality sectors, which is why the government is so keen to increase their visibility.

Tourism in the Region of Murcia, particularly along the coast, has traditionally been seasonal, but this new initiative launched by the regional government hopes to attract visitors throughout the year by offering a wide range of music concerts.

In recent years, the number of festivals in Murcia has steadily increased, although the Covid pandemic has logically caused a slight decline. All the same, 20 different festivals are currently taking place in the Region. In 2019 alone, more than 210,000 people attended festivals in Murcia, resulting in 420,000 overnight stays in hotels and other accommodations and bringing in around €24.4 million in profit.

Image: CARM

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