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Bork! Bork! Bork! Bork goes behind the scenes today as the resumption of UK music festivals heralds the return of background borkage.

On the exhibition is an example of Register now reader Roffy, who was spending a sunny weekend enjoying the delights of the Brixton Wide Awake Festival at Brockwell Park in London.

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Has it really been over two years since Windows XP displayed its start screen behind popster Neneh Cherry in Glastonbury? Indeed, it is possible. In 2021, however, the version of Windows shown appears to be of a considerably newer vintage. It would seem like an accidental appearance, unless the funksters Squid were looking to play the irony card with a broken PowerPoint presentation to accompany their set.

It’s every AV tech’s nightmare, and it’s unclear whether the intention was to open a file from a removable drive or whether the wrong source button was pressed. Either way, we can only hope that no potentially revealing file names have been exposed. At least the band (or festival) seems to have gone from XP or Windows 7, judging by the style of the explorer window.

It is, however, an impressive taskbar.

We’ve reached out to Squid management to find out what the group has done with the unexpected appearance of Windows, but have yet to receive a response. Maybe because the idea of ​​this ever-so-square hack of cutting-edge music is more in the direction of John Cage. 4’33 “.

As for Squid, the quintet’s first post-punk album Light green field is pretty good, although the songs draw on various influences, like an over-excited toddler in a toy store.

Windows was ultimately put aside in favor of the band’s name as the performance continued (in case the audience wondered who was making all the noise). It’s a shame, because if Squid is undeniably an impressive live, we can think of other performers more suited to the unexpected appearance of the best from Microsoft. ®

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