Music Festivals in Canada 2021


The past two years have shown people how wonderful it is to have the chance to travel abroad, visit scenic places and attend various concerts where one can share emotions with others. people. Indeed, we have started to take all the benefits of a modern world for granted and believe that we still have hassle-free access to whatever we want. However, the epidemic has turned everything upside down and caused humans to change attitudes towards their possibilities. Even the students, used to doing a essay order when they wish, began to look at these advantages of the modern world from a different perspective. So nowadays, every opportunity to get back to your favorite activities is seen as something incredible that must be taken advantage of. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Canada this year or organize a trip to the country, it is worth attending a music festival. This is a great opportunity to diversify your entertainment program and charge yourself with positive vibes.

International Celtic Colors Festival, Nova Scotia

You can hardly find a music lover who has never heard of this impressive international festival which usually lasts around nine days and can appeal to visitors with around three hundred different events. It is housed on the exceptional Cape Breton Island, representing the only surviving relic of Celtic culture in North America. Usually concerts are held in many special places such as a wonderfully reconstructed French chapel. So, people who plan to visit this place in October can also attend the festival. However, you will unfortunately have to postpone your plans for this fall as the festival will once again offer an online celebration due to the pandemic and the inability to hold large-scale gatherings. So, if you don’t have anything to do from October 8-16, you can set a reminder to join the festival online.

Montreal International Jazz Festival, Quebec

September is more than the start of the season since it can boast many great events. Thus, the people who are in Quebec During this month you might have the chance to attend one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. Usually it involves more than a thousand concerts and hosts more than three thousand artists from various countries, so the festival lasts about eleven days and attracts more than two million viewers. Sure, it will be in limited form this year, and a nearly two-week festival will be squeezed into five days, but it’s better than nothing. You can still enjoy a breathtaking atmosphere while listening to Canadian jazz artists: the François Bourassa Quartet and Ranee lee.

Pop Montreal, Quebec

Well if you find yourself in Quebec, it may be worth visiting other interesting music festivals that will take place in the area. So, if you like pop music, you might be lucky enough to witness a bit of a weird but exceptional Pop Montreal. It is interesting that there is no special place to go, as the places are located across the city, so you can meet one both in a big club and in a special place. like a park or even a cathedral. Can you imagine this atmosphere? Even though the headliners haven’t been announced yet, you’ll definitely like the vibe of this event.

Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, Quebec

One can only mention another spectacular event that will occur in Quebec this autumn. This is a multi-day festival that will feature talented local and national beginners. However, don’t rush to dismiss this event as they will be playing alongside international superstars like Arcade Fire, Coldplay, etc. So, you will also have the chance to enjoy your favorite singers. Usually such a festival attracts over a hundred bands and over 145,000 music fans, but this year it will be on a more limited scale due to the current pandemic. So, it is worth taking care of the entrance ticket in advance.

Winnipeg Folk Festival, Manitoba

Even though this festival is already over, it is impossible to ignore it when it comes to Canadian music festivals. Maybe you will be lucky enough to visit it next year if it looks appealing enough to you. The Winnipeg Folk Festival lasts for around five days and can appeal to viewers with around seven different scenes, not to mention the various headliners. In general, this event represents a crazy mix of traditional folk, gospel, blues, Celtic, French-Canadian and world music. Participants have the chance to go camping since the festival takes place in the park.

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Fredericton

Usually the city leads a calm and monotonous lifestyle, but it gets really alive and bustling for about six days in September, when people from all over the world come to one of the most impressive festivals in the world. It is home to hundreds of top performers who do their best to please music admirers on dozens of stages. The festival takes place in the historic and picturesque downtown of the city, and that’s another reason to give it a try. The current festival headliners are Grace Potter, Jason Isbell and Unit 400. This will give attendees the chance to dance the night away to a great Cajun night, enjoy electric blues and jazz.

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