Need to organize more music festivals: Santosh Nahar


By Sukant Deepak

New Delhi, September 19 (IANS): Believing that the government and private actors must come forward and make their contribution to Indian classical music, Hindustani classical violinist Santosh Nahar says it is important that young and experienced musicians are rewarded and supported to advance the legacy.

“More opportunities and benefits must be given to keep musicians motivated. As abroad, government and private actors must organize more music festivals. Scholarships and grants motivate young people to keep learning and to grow up. They also help them financially in order to pursue the art form, “he told IANS.

A popular performer at some of the country’s most important music festivals, the artist comes from a family of classical musicians.

His father, Prahlad Prasad Mishra, a renowned singer and musician, along with his uncles and older brothers first trained him. He was then trained by TMPatnaik.

A strong supporter of collaboration with Western sounds, Nahar believes that each genre of music requires hard work and creativity.

He adds that the merger facilitates the coming together of cultures and offers a lot of possibilities for novelty.

“It’s always exciting to explore the charm of fusion without forgetting the classic roots.”

The violinist, who was part of HCL Concerts’ “Baithak”, believes more companies need to focus on promoting the arts and says steps need to be taken to ensure that ordinary people develop a taste for classical music.

“In a country where film music is extremely popular, classical music needs more platforms that are easily accessible to the common man.”

Adding that while the lockdowns have been a difficult time for his community, Nahar says he made a point of making sure he was productive and spent creatively.

“The world has come closer thanks to digital concerts, although I missed the charm of live.”

Emphasizing that music is an art in constant evolution, he concludes: “I continue to be a student and continue to learn and I look forward to sharing the joy of being a musician.

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