Sheffield adventure film festivals mark their return ‘into a post-pandemic world’

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festivals will return this Friday with 100 of the “best new adventure films from around the world”.

The center of the event has been set up at the Cathedral which will host the event with live music and street food for three days.

Festival co-director Matt Heason said: “Music is an integral part of adventure film, so we’re delighted to combine our screenings with live musical performances in the incredible acoustics of Sheffield Cathedral.

“We’ve selected films with standout soundtracks to accompany the live music, and this will be a great taster for our full festival weekend March 18-20.”

The festival hoped to promote sustainable living with over 25 free exhibits, talks and experiences focused on the steps we can all take towards a sustainable adventure.

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has announced this year’s award-winning films, with 100 films to be screened on five large screens during the festival.

This year’s movies include high adrenaline and big turns, plus some quieter moments of contemplation and revelation.

Environmentalists who climbed strangler fig trees in Costa Rica, Peruvian housewives who’ve tackled South America’s highest peak and solo photographer on a mission to capture elusive mountain goats deep in the Yukon winter, “the films reflect the diversity of the outdoor experience around the world”.

Festival co-directors Matt Heason and Anna Paxton said: “As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, the filmmakers have struck a balance between adrenaline and escapism, and a more thoughtful reflection on the role of adventure in all our lives.

“SHAFF 2022 is the perfect springboard for the new outdoor season, and we can’t wait to see you all there!”

The winning films to be screened range from ‘Learning To Drown’ to ‘Farewell To Adventure’.

Filmmaker and festival judge, Hannah Maia said, “I’m proud to be a judge at this year’s festival. I’m amazed at how busy and creative people have been over the past two years, despite limited international travel.

“It seems like there are fewer great expedition stories, but in its place are some really creative interpretations. SHAFF 2022 has something for everyone!

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