The Baron Von Raschke documentary is ready for the next film festivals

There’s a new documentary about legendary WWE, NWA and AWA wrestler Baron Von Raschke slated for upcoming film festivals. Mike Johnson of PWInsider notes that The clawa documentary about Von Raschke’s life and career, funded via Kickstarter in 2016, will screen in a few different locations.

The claw will screen at the Prison City Film Festival in Huntsville, Texas, this week, in addition to premiering at the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey, next month. Other screenings are also planned at other upcoming festivals.

Here is the promotional material for the documentary:

“The Jekyll-and-Hyde story of James Raschke, a shy and clumsy boy from Nebraska who grows up to live in infamy as Baron von Raschke, one of the greatest super-villains in the history of the professional wrestling and master of world famous Claw grab.Despite his intimidating appearance and menacing German personality, the Baron is actually a loving and sensitive college-educated family man who cries while watching TV commercials and disguises his enormous bald head in a blonde wig because he doesn’t want to get attacked by angry fans at church on Sundays. Directed by acclaimed music video director Philip Harder (Prince, Foo Fighters), The Claw uses rare Super 8 family footage, vintage 16mm clips and loud recreations featuring Jim Raschke himself as he recounts and performs the most outrageous moments of his own extraordinary life.

You can read more about the documentary on its official website.

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