These are the best music festivals worth visiting in Colorado

The mountainous state of Colorado is an attractive travel destination known for its adventurous landscape. Its high average elevation also makes it a place for demanding hikes and the extreme sport of mountain biking. Interestingly, the rocky state also hosts wildly popular music festivals that attract travelers from across the country. It gets more interesting as the state offers the perfect atmosphere and stage for any type of music. With the rugged terrain, large stages, and variety of music offered in this state, travelers are sure to have a time of their lives at these music festivals.

9 Westword, Colorado Music Showcase

Denver’s largest music festival features all types of music genres including rock, hip-hop, country, folk, electronic, indie, alternative and many more. The one-day festival started in 1995 and has since evolved into a music festival where arts, dance and other types of presentation are presented alongside various music. Food and beverages are provided in abundance to attendees as the event is sponsored by reputable companies such as – White Claw, Breckenridge Brewery and Mancan amongst others.

  • Tickets for this event start from $25.

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8 Juneteenth Music Festival, Colorado

Juneteenth is a celebration of African Americans that began in Texas. The festival was first held on June 19, 1866, and was created to celebrate the official end of slavery in Texas (the last state that still practiced institutional slavery at that time).

This makes the Juneteeth Festival the oldest African-American celebration in all of the United States. The name “Juneteenth” is derived from a combination of the words – June and Nineteenth. On June 17, 2021, the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden. This now makes the event an official federal holiday.

The Juneteenth Music Festival in Denver, Colorado is organized to spice up the Juneteenth event with music in Colorado. Travelers who love freedom stories and moving freedom songs will love this music festival in Colorado where parades, food and other entertainment are in abundance.

  • Tickets for this music festival start from $29.

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7 WinterWonderGrass, Colorado

Bluegrass and root music fill the atmosphere each year at the WonderWonderGrass music festival held in Colorado. In this festival, participants will enjoy an atmosphere of camping and river expeditions through the National Dinosaur Monument. Lots of music, food, beer, cocktails and coffee are also available during the three-day festival. Hot tubs, massage studios and thermal pools are also available near Strawberry Park to unwind from the fatigue of dancing.

Ticket purchases and prices are available on the Winterwandergrass website.

6 Country Jam, Colorado

Country Jam brings country music to the live atmosphere of Country Jam Ranch, Colorado. This event which sees lots of cowboy hats and boots has featured some of the most popular country bands including – Little Big Town, Alabama and others at its previous events.

This 4-day music festival in Colorado began in 1992 and has since grown into Colorado’s largest country music festival. Country Jam not only offers the best live country music, but also provides an atmosphere conducive to camping. For this reason, Country Jam has now been named the largest camping festival in the state of Colorado.

  • Three-day ticket prices start from $125 and can increase with the addition of options such as VIP access and camping space upgrades.

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5 Arise Music Festival, Colorado

This multi-genre music festival that started in 2013 features all types of musical genres in its programming; some of which include – Bluegrass, sacred, funk, jam, hip-hop, electronic, rock, folk and reggae.

The 2022 edition of this 3-day event is scheduled for May 27-30, 2022. Its new location, the Cradle Boone, Colorado, is an organic farm and ranch set amongst natural elements such as trees, grasses , and an open field. The Arkansas River also flows right next to this open space. With this, visitors will enjoy a very comfortable camping experience along with other entertaining activities such as dancing, art performances, and yoga.

  • Tickets for this festival start from $150.

4 Sonic Bloom Festival, Colorado

The Sonic Bloom Festival is an electronic music festival that started in 2006. It is a 4-day music festival that also includes other activities such as dance, yoga, workshops and artistic presentations . Sonic Bloom Festival is also serious about camping and making sure it provides the perfect camping space for attendees. The new natural environment and location of the Ranquil Hummingbird Ranch provides a colorful atmosphere and an exciting camping experience for participants.

  • Tickets for the Sonic Bloom festival start at $155.

3 Bluebird Music Festival, Colorado

The Bluebird Music Festival is an event that features live performances of musical genres such as folk and bluegrass. Line-ups for this 2-day music festival typically include local and international artists who bring great voices, melodious guitars, musical expertise, and inspiring attitudes to the stage. Colorful lighting and art also illuminate the venue, creating a very intense art scene. Overnight camping is also available in open spaces filled with grasses and trees.

  • Tickets for this event start from $29; however, VIP access and other value-added products may increase the price.

2 The Ride Festival, Colorado

Enjoy rock and roll music at the Ride Festival in Telluride. The event started in 2012 and has grown over the years to become an event that attracts over 8,000 fans from across the United States. It features a lineup of some of the most talented rock artists in the country and beyond who stir the atmosphere with the sounds of rock and roll.

Attendees of this 3 day event will enjoy camping in the Ride Festival outdoor atmosphere which includes many trees, grasses, hills and mountains. These are simply ideal for activities such as biking and hiking.

  • Ride Festival prices start from $75 and can go up to $600 for VIP packages.

1 World Dance Festival, Colorado

The Global Dance Festival offers space, atmosphere and the right dance music for a long dance session. The 2-day event features a variety of artistic presentations and live electronic music and attracts over 40,000 people each year.

At the Global Dance Festival, attendees will be able to sample delicious dishes and foods from Denver’s food trucks. The rocky mountain, trees and waters around the Global Dance Festival site also provide a more interesting scene for the festival.

  • Tickets for the Global Dance Festival start at $26 and can go up to $240.

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