‘Yamberzal’ short film set to hit global film festivals

There’s been so much going on around us over the years regarding various things in the world, across communities, cultures and societies, especially in India, and specifically in Jammu and Kashmir, about the atrocities that people have faced. It is the most breathtakingly beautiful place in India and maybe in the whole world which has always grabbed the headlines for several reasons. Therefore, it also becomes imperative to let the world know about the many pains hidden behind the beauty of the place. To fulfill this responsibility, a promising new short film has been made with Kashmir as the backdrop, featuring raw and real stories.

The entertainment world has always come up with projects that have the power to draw people’s maximum attention to things that really need their attention. J&K producer and entrepreneur Syed Ali Asgar Razvi tried to do the same with this short film titled “Yamberzal” which is set to hit global film festivals. The film is written and directed by Raja Sarfaraz and made under Farah Film Production. Producer Syed Ali Asgar Razvi says the short film is based on the struggles a poor orphan boy faces in education in the Union Territory. It also presents the challenges of the global health pandemic, the problems of less infrastructure, terrorism and lost social trust.

Furthermore, he mentions that the movie features a love story of a Kashmiri Hindu Pandit school teacher with a student and also talks about a policeman and how the story takes a twist from there. This is a 30 minute short film, and part 2 will also be shot in Kashmir. It stars Ali Razvi, Ahmad bin Umar in the lead, Jameela Akhtar and Shadab Khan. Yamberzal is beautifully photographed by DOP Vikram Mehta. The actors look mesmerizing in Nargis Avan’s costumes, and Ash K’s music adds more impact to the film’s storyline.

Yamberzal will first be screened at international and domestic film festivals, which will take Jammu and Kashmir’s cinema to new heights, and then streamed on OTT.

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